IDA Pro is the only multi-processor, multi-OS, interactive disassembler

Interactively Disassemble Windows, DOS, OS/2, Mac, Linux binaries,Novell NLMs and more! Any file, any size! IDA Pro now includes FLIRT (Fast Library Identification and Recognition Technology) to make it easier to disassemble programs written in high-level languages. Order a copy today!

Some IDA Pro Features

  • Interactive Operation. You are in charge of the disassembly. You can mark code and data sections, add comments, rename functions. IDA will automatically adjust all the references.
  • Project-oriented Implementation. You can save the state of disassembly and come back to it at a later time. IDA will pick up where you left off.
  • Menu-driven Environment. Simple to use workspace with menus and listboxes.
  • Cross-reference Support. IDA automatically cross-references subroutines and names.
  • Built-in C-like Language, called IDC, allows you to perform tasks such as decryption of a code section easily. You can even write a script to parse a new file format.
  • Support for different instruction sets. You can even write your own module.
  • Stack variables can be named and used instead of offset numbers.
  • Complex data structures as well as primitive ones can be defined.
  • Automatic comments as well as user-defined comments can be added.
  • FLIRT (Fast Library Identification and Recognition Library) Dozens of popular compiler libraries are detected and the subroutines they provide are labeled with their names such as _printf. This feature makes it easier to disassemble programs written in a high-level language. You can even make your own FLIRT signature pack to support another compiler.
  • C++ names are demangled automatically for popular compilers.
  • Syntax Highlighting makes it easier to recognize different elements of disassembled code.